Customer Management System Software

CRM Features at a glance

CRM Increase sales Opportunity

Increase sale opportunities

CRM Assign Sales & Marketing

Assign sales and marketing

Profile Customers Easily

Profile customers easily

CRM Accurate Sales System

Make accurate sales forecast

Collect data Fast

Collect data fast and get a real time data

EMails and SMS Tracking System

Email and SMS Tracking

Connect Management

Connect management

Scalability & Intigration

Having inbuilt features like customization, scalability and integration

Schedule events System

Schedule birthday and anniversary and design custom templates for making offer

Manage Different client

Manage data of different clients and easy to use.

Loyalty Management System

It also provides an integrated offer and loyalty management system

Auto Business Generation

Auto business generation through backend campaign

The advantages of a good Customer Relationship Management program

Improved information:

The success of your business will only depend upon how happy your consumer is in the end. Our software can be of immense help in this zone. You can store a great deal of information about your consumer to personalize their experience and help them grow fond of your brand. It can only be done when you have software that will help you keep this information handy and prompt you at different timelines to do the required task that will help them create a good reminder of the brand. For example, feeding in the birthdays and anniversaries of all your customers and sending them flowers or a small token or love on this day will be helpful for you. It can be done with the help of our best CRM software.

CRM Sales handling System
CRM System to track sales
Handling the sales task

With the use of our software, you will be able to handle the sales opportunities with utmost precision. You can easily profile the various categories of consumers and keep the details with you for future references. Within the company and the establishment, it will be easy to ensure that you get the sales and marketing task in check with the rest of the system. When you can easily assign these tasks to various management levels in the company, you work will reduce to a large extent. It also helps in making the accurate sales forecast for the company, so that you can place orders and in advance. You can maintain the chain of supply and demand with the help of our customer related features.

You can use the email and SMS tracking of the system and connect with the management no matter where they are in the system. Since the features are also available on the mobile, you will easily be able to track them and get the information that you have been looking for up till now.

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Customer service:

we may have harped enough on the benefits of great customer service, but putting it as an advantage in our systems is still necessary. Our software is so good that with its use your employees can personalize the services that they are extending out to your consumers. The customer relationship management system is built in a way that even if the employee is doing the job for the first time, he/she will be able to get hold of the data in a jiffy with the correct login id.

They can extend the best of services to the employees and offer extra information that may be of use to the consumer sometime later in life. With this kind of customer relationship management system, the link between your employees, brand and the end users becomes quite thick and can result in brand loyalty as well. It is only possible if you use our software and shun the rest of the software available in the market.

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CRM Automated System
Best automated System CRM
Automated tasks:

With the help of our CRM software you can generate automated tasks for the employees. In the field of sales, a task is not complete until you can convince the consumer to invest in your product. For doing this, it is important that your employees know the task at hand and the features that can sway the potential consumer in your favour. Our software will provide this information to your employees promptly. It reduces the idle time with the employees and enables them to be more productive than usual.

The automated tasks are also fruitful for those managers who have recently moved into the business and are still struggling to understand the nuances of the company. Our software will be helpful for one and all and bring your business to heights that you would not have imagined up till now. So buy our software now and enhance the working abilities of your employees as soon as you work up the software to your advantage.

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Integrating different teams together

The sales, marketing and customer relationship management team work hand in hand. Providing information to each employee in the team can be challenging. With the help of our software, you can exchange information with the employees in form of emails, calendar, timelines and other such things in one go. Once they get the hand of the work at hand, the efficacy level will increase to a large extent. It will enable them to work in the favour of your company and keep the customers happy in the process.

It is also important for the employees to know the daily jobs that they should accomplish, information about the new products and how can you sell the same to the potential customers. You can securely share this information on the same portal and help your employees gain confidence in their style of working. They will be well versed with every tiny detail of your company if they work well with our software. You can also share information about the new set of customers with the CRM team so that they can pursue them for further clarification or after sale services.

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CRM Improved Reporting
Best CRM Software
Improved reporting:

Unlike any other software in the industry, our software will help you make a consolidated report at the end of every day. It can easily be uploaded on the system and downloaded by the superiors in the company. Firstly, these reports help in tracking the task at hand. Once you know the speed with which the sales are being converted you can plan ahead of time. You can also change the course of work if you think the employees are not able to convert the sales easily.

The second advantage is that at the time of bonus for the employees, or yearly evaluation, it becomes easy to check the working abilities of the employees. If they have a submitted a report that shows a better sense of working and conversions ta the end of a task every day, they will deserve a better bonus or appreciation at the end of the year. They may also get promoted on the basis of our software. Hence, it is a win-win situation for all the employees, investors in the company, consumers and the owners of the business to use our software and gain an advantage over the others in your field of work.

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Common Features of the CRM Software by Saniiro

CRM Mobile Friendly
Mobile and Tablet friendly

You would want to be in control of your organization even when you are not present. By using our software, you can do that because our software is mobile and tablet friendly.

CRM Mobile App
Available in all Mobile App

The type of operating system you use will not be a matter because our software is available in Android operating system.

CRM Multi Currency & Language Support
Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support

Our software will also provide you with multi-currency and multi-language support. So, the currency of your country and the language you speak will not be a hindrance for using our software.

CRM Module
Choose Module

Our software has various modules to fulfil all your business needs. So, you can choose the module of our software that will suit your business model.