Fixed Assets Management Software

Fixed Assets Management Software Features at a glance

Assets Classification

Assets classification

Classification of the assets in your company is very important because it helps you to keep a track on the assets of your organization flawlessly.

However, doing that is very difficult because, in a big organization, there are many fixed assets which need to be considered for proper accounting process. By keeping this problem in mind and in order to help you in maintaining a more detailed asset record, we have created an asset management system that will make your work a lot easier.

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Time Saving Preparing Reports

Save time preparing reports

In an organization, you would want to have the reports on the monthly and annual financial accounting, preventive management, and theft deterrence.

This is something that can be produced through our software quite easily. You will not have to scratch your head while making the reports because you will be able to generate it quite easily from our fixed asset management system.

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Automate Depreciation Calculation

Automate depreciation calculations

You will be able to calculate the depreciation cost the assets of your organization quite easily through our software.

Managing the depreciation cost of an organization no matter how big or small it is, could be really tough. Asset management software is efficient in calculating depreciation for organizations.

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Easily Manage Request

Easily manage change requests

There will be various changes taking place in your organization regarding your assets. You need to manage those changes by managing the change requests properly.

You also need to documents of your assets well-organized in order to produce it whenever you need them. This is an uphill task given the fact that you have several other things going in your mind about running your organization. That is why having an integrated fixed asset management system in place could really make your life a lot easier. By keeping this need in mind, we, at Saniiro, have produced a software that will not only help you to manage the change requests in your assets but will also help you to keep your documents optimized.

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Requisition Management

Purchase order and requisition management

In a year, there are will be many new assets bought and old assets sold. You will need to keep a track of that as well.

However, doing that is one of the most difficult tasks that you will have to partake throughout your time of running the organization. Frankly speaking, doing these kinds of work also has a lot of risks. One mistake could procure a huge loss for your organization. But, you don’t have to be concerned about managing the purchase and sales management of your organization because we, at Saniiro, have developed a fixed asset management software that will help you to do this work within minutes.

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Assets Tracking & barcode

Assets tracking and barcode

One of the easiest ways of tracking your assets is by using barcodes. However, due to the lack of availability of an effective software.

You may not have implemented this system. However, with our efficient asset management platform, you will be able to use barcode and track your assets effectively.

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Revalutation of Assets

Revaluation of assets

Revaluation of assets can be a hectic work. That is why many organizations abstain themselves from doing this as it consumes a lot of time.

Because of this, they had to face losses. If you don’t want this happening to your organizations as well then you should start using our fixed asset management software immediately.

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Common Features of the Fixed Asset Management Software by Saniiro

Fixed Assets Management Software Mobile Friendly
Mobile and Tablet friendly

You would want to be in control of your organization even when you are not present. By using our software, you can do that because our software is mobile and tablet friendly.

Assets Management Software Mobile App
Available in all Mobile App

The type of operating system you use will not be a matter because our software is available in Android operating system.

Assets Management Software Language Support
Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support

Our software will also provide you with multi-currency and multi-language support. So, the currency of your country and the language you speak will not be a hindrance for using our software.

Fixed Assets Management Software
Choose Module

Our software has various modules to fulfil all your business needs. So, you can choose the module of our software that will suit your business model.