Inventory Management Software System

Inventory Management Software Features at a glance

Inventory Management System

Basic inventory control.

Barcoding and Scanning

Barcoding and scanning

LOT Tracking System

Lot tracking

Inventou Planning

Inventory planning

Order List Generation

Order list generation

Item Master

Item master

Cenetralised Storage

Centralized storage

Stock Operation Management

Efficient stock operations

Enhance Sales Productivity

Enhance sales productivity

In-Time Delivery

In-time delivery

Purchase Order Management

Purchase order and requisition management

Order Frequency Management System

Adjust order frequency

Back Office Management System

Integration with back office system

Accurate Planning Management System

Accurate planning and demand forecasting

Stock Management Software System

Multiple valuation of stock i.e LIFO, FIFO, Std Avg, Wtd Avg and cost or NRV

Reorder Monitoring Level

Reorder level monitoring

The best features of our Inventory Management Software

Basic inventory Control of the goods

When you are managing a business that sells goods instead of services, it is very important that you invest in inventory management system software. It lets you indulge in inventory control in every aspect of the word. Our software is good enough to make the sales and inventory system across all the service channels that you may have in one place. The automated inbuilt system reduces the work of manual inventory control to a large extent. You will not only be able to manage the current status of your business with deft possibilities but also prepare yourself for the future with an utmost level of advancement in the software. So buy our software right away and be future ready.

Barcoding and scanning the products

When you have perishable goods in place, it is essential to have barcodes that scan the products. It helps in keeping a track of what needs to be sold to the retail stores in order of things that do not last long. Our stock management software can help you achieve this task with utmost efficiency like no other inventory tracking system in the industry. With the self-induced ways and means of barcoding and scanning the products with our stock management software, you will be able to fulfil the order with efficiency.

Demand and supply

Most of the warehouses and businesses that sell more that one product in the same category needs to keep a track of what is selling more than the other. It helps them in understanding the demand and supply chain with more vigour. When you have our inventory tracking system, you will be able to witness the demand for your products in order of the requirement in the market. You can increase or decrease the spending on the product accordingly and keep the money ball rolling for products that are selling more than the others. It is one of the best inventory management software features that you will only get with Saniiro.

Accounting integration:

Even if you need a small business inventory software that lets you manage the inventor and the sales in one system, our best inventory management software lets you perform the task with a great level of efficiency. When at the end of the year your accounts department asks you for a consolidated report that will tell all about the account spending and the status of the inventory, you will be able to do it all with the help of our small business inventory software. The accounting software with inventory is a revelation in the field that only our software will provide to make your life easy. Even your employees who are looking forward to an easy system will love our accounting software with inventory.

Lot tracking:

The FDA regulated items need more attention than the others. Retails and makers need to see which items are in stock and the ones that you have to get acquire from a warehouse somewhere else in case of emergency. Our best inventory software lets you do the lot tracking with a lot of precision. Imagine the amount of pain and manual labour it reduces when it concerns keeping the FDA items in check. It can be quite fruitful if you use our warehouse inventory management too.

Inventory planning:

if you are in the business of selling products that are not a single item, instead they have more than one product that is being sold as an offer then the managing the system gets even more difficult. Our best inventory software should be your pick in this regard. It will keep a track of offers in-store and let you combine them to make a great kit to send across to the retails house. Our software is advance in a way that it has the best –known warehouse inventory management that can help you streamline your work well.

Online Management

You may be a big businessman looking for a store management software that can work as an online inventory management as well. Our software has both the features instilled in one. It simply means that you can manage things in different warehouses with the help of our online inventory management. You can also log on from different time zones and check for the products that you might need without actually being present in the warehouse. It makes our store management software the best in the lot.


If you are perpetually on the go, it can be difficult to keep up with the layout of products in the warehouse or your workshop. With our inventory management app, you can do away with these issues. It is downloadable software that can be integrated into your system to know the latest update and handle things even when you are on the go. Our inventory management app works on Android systems.

Retail submission:

People may think that inventory needs to be handled only at the level of the warehouse but retailing inventory is even more difficult to handle. But you need not worry anymore. Our retail inventory management is on point. The software by the name of Saniiro lets you indulge in retails inventory management like never before. You can do stock inventory management with our software to check the things that you need and decide what should you buy with the help of the stock selling abilities. For example, if the inventory control and management of certain products are not as good, you can excuse yourself from these products at a later stage when you are refilling your store.

With the compelling features of our software that include stock inventory management, retail inventory management and inventory control and management, we are pioneers in the industry. You can avoid things like product overstock and outages if you use this software on a regular basis. It will also help you maintain the balance between the demand and supply of the products that you offer.

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Common Features of the CRM Software by Saniiro

Mobile and Tablet friendly

You would want to be in control of your organization even when you are not present. By using our software, you can do that because our software is mobile and tablet friendly.

Available in all Mobile App

The type of operating system you use will not be a matter because our software is available in Android operating system.

Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support

Our software will also provide you with multi-currency and multi-language support. So, the currency of your country and the language you speak will not be a hindrance for using our software.

Choose Module

Our software has various modules to fulfil all your business needs. So, you can choose the module of our software that will suit your business model.