Enquiry Management System

EMS Features at a glance

Enquiry Intercept Emails

Enquiry intercepts Emails, SMS and different sources.

EMS Record Online Equiry Form

Record online enquiry form - user can complete an online form to send a request to the enquiry desk

Record Enquiries at desk

Record and follow ups enquiries at the desk

Pre defined Customized Template

Pre defined customized templates, attachments and brochure which auto populate through emails and sms to enquirer.

Generate Various Report

Generate various report related to enquirer, follow ups, business conversion and status

Enquiries Management System

Shared knowledge - searching for similar enquiries helps to ensure you, to reinvent the wheel

Allocate Enquiries Software System

Allocate enquiry according to location, specialism and availability

Enquiries Priority

Sort enquiries by deadline and priority to make sure you don't miss deadlines

Meeting Scheduling

Schedule meetings, follow-up and load assigning

Employee GPS Tracking System

Employee GPS Tracking System

EPABX Connectivity System

SMS software provides GPRS connectivity and EPABX connectivity system.

The best-known features of Saniiro

Enquiry system of the software

There is a pre-installed system of enquiry form in the software that can be filled by the consumer. It helps in getting all the information that we need to answer the query so that it can enable quicker and more efficient turnaround time. Even the email and SMS query along with the other sources are intercepted by the enquiry system in place. With the help of our EMS system, you will be able to keep the complete record of the enquiry and follow up on them from the very work base of your desk. You do not have to run around to know the status of the complaint.

Schedule Resources
EMS Schedule Resources
Schedule resources

In big office setups, it is not always possible for people from different departments to arrange the use of conference rooms and other resources that are only available for the limited span. You may have walked over with your team from another floor to make a presentation and discuss some agenda with your peers, only to find that the room is not free. For such emergencies our well enabled EMS systems lets you create schedules that can be used for everyone’s benefit.

A secure platform

one of the best-known features of our software is the fact that the enquiry management system is secure and safe for use. Only the people with access to the password and login information can access the system and take down notes from it. All you have to do is give induction to the newly appointed employees and ask them to keep the login credentials safe. Since the enquiry management system lets you share information and create a schedule on a peer-to-peer basis, there is no chance of anyone else gaining knowledge of the information shared if they were not a party to the group made on the system.

easy setup
Easy setup

Our software can be set up in a very short span and the employees will learn to use it too even if they have limited knowledge of using any other EMS software before. It will configure into every system that is compatible with the software and employees can even download and use it on their mobiles if the employers and the administration department wants to give such an access to the employees. Our enquiry management system is one of the best in class software that can help the employees streamline their work in every way that they want.

Common Features of EMS Software by Saniiro

EMS mnobile friendly
Mobile and Tablet friendly

Our EMS software is also mobile and tablet friendly which means even if you are not in the office; you can use our software using your smartphone.

EMS Mobile Application
Available in all Mobile App

Our EMS software is also available in various mobile app stores such as Android and much more.

EMS Multiple Language Support
Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support

Our software supports various languages and currencies. This means your employees will not have any language barrier problems while handling our software.

EMS Software Module
Choose Module

With our EMS software, you have the option of choosing the modules as required according to your business needs.