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Ticketing System Features at a glance

Ticket Automation

Ticket automation

Service Level Agreement

SLA(Service Level Agreement) status information

Ticket tags

Customizable Tickets Management

Customizable ticket templates

Individual Tocket Management

Individual ticket queues

Ticket Status System

Customizable ticket status option

Public Private Tickets Action

Public and private actions on tickets

Product and inventory association

Personalized ticket management

Personalized ticket pages by customer

Related tickets

Related tickets

Ticket Deflection

Ticket deflection

Customizable ticket submission

Customizable ticket submission formn

How the Ticketing System of Saniiro Could Help Your Business

Increased Efficiency Of The Organizations

When you have our ticketing system in your company which provides ticket automation, you will not find it difficult to answer the queries of your customers. With the increased efficiency of responding to the customer queries, you will be able to save more time. As you know as an entrepreneur that time is equivalent to money, the growth of your organization will be just a matter of time. Also, you will not have to search for the SLA (Service Level Agreement) status information that much because it will be available on our software. And the best part about our software is that it is mobile and tablet friendly which means you don’t have to be in your office all the time to use our ticket management system. You can use it on your tablets and smartphone as well.

Help Desk Software System
help desk system software
Faster Customer Support

When you want customer retention, one thing your company must maintain is swift customer support. This increases the reliability of the organization in the eyes of its customers. The customers would want to have their queries solved in a swift manner which very few companies are able to deliver. However, if your company is using our online ticketing system then it will help you to create ticket tags and individual ticket queues and also customize the ticket templates.

Increased Customer Retention

These options are highly beneficial to have a sound customer support system in place which will increase customer retention and growth for your organization. So, for small companies as well, this software will help them to grow by allowing them to provide seamless customer support and increase their business. Our software is available in different modules to accommodate your specific business goals. Therefore, it will help small companies as well.

customer support management

Another problem the big companies face is that they seem to fail in prioritizing their specific customer support. This means, you have a really valuable customer and you don’t want to let that customer go. You best customer will always expect the best service from your side. By keeping this need in mind, we, at Saniiro, have developed a ticketing system that will help you to prioritize your customer’s support.

When you have a customer who is so valuable, you would want to provide him with the best possible support. Our software provides you customizable ticket status option which helps you to prioritize the customer support. Our mobile and tablet friendly software is available in all reputed application stores such as Android. Therefore, by using our software, you will be able to provide customer support on the go.

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Statistics and Analytics

You will not only be able to keep the records of your communication with the customer but also ask questions about the quality of your customer support and how happy the customer is with your support. Public and private actions on tickets by the customers will help you to keep a track on the views of your customers about your products and services. Our ticketing software also supports multi-currency and multi-language facility. Therefore, the currency of your country and the language will not be a barrier for you while using our software and getting its benefits

Communication System with customer
Communication System with customers
Records of the Previous Communication with the Customer

Your customer would not like you to forget about the previous communication you had with them. That is why we, at Saniiro, have developed a customer ticket system that will help you to create personalized ticket pages by the customer. By doing so, you will be able to keep the records of the previous communication with the customer. This will surely make your customers happy.

Therefore, if you want your business to grow and reach the level of expectation that you have with your business then nothing can help you to do so than the ticketing system developed by us, at Saniiro.

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Common Features of Human Resource Management System by Saniiro

Help Desk Mobile Friendly
Mobile and Tablet friendly

Our software is also mobile and tablet friendly. So, you can use our software wherever you go.

Help Desk Mobile App
Available in all Mobile App

Whether you are a user of a smartphone or tablet that runs with Android operating system, you will not have trouble using our software because it is available in all mobile app stores.

Help Desk Support Multiple Language Support
Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support

Our software provides multi-currency and multi-language support so your country’s currency or the language in which your proficient will not be the barrier when you look to use our software.

Help Desk Module
Choose Module

Our software is available in various modules. Therefore, you can choose the module which will suit your business needs.